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Gauteng Basketball

About the PA

We don’t know exactly when the first Gauteng Basketball Association (GBA) Executive Committee took office but we are very sure that this was close to when the fist basketball was bounced in the Gauteng Province. It has been said that when Gauteng Basketball catches a cold, the whole of basketball in South Africa sneezes.

It is thus a little sad that right now, Gauteng Basketball finds itself with an administrator appointed by the Gauteng Sports Confederation (GSC) – of whom the GBA is an affiliate.  The GSC is a member of SASCOC and their website can be found here:

Vivian Lottering is the GBA Administrator and he will be looking to return the GBA to full operational capability with elections in November 2020.

The historic Gauteng Web Page on Facebook can be found here:

PA Achievements

The GBA has and will continue to achieve a number of accolades as time progresses.  Unfortunately, some of these achievements have been lost to the ravages of time.  We will thus ask that you send us the achievements that you would like to showcase on this page.  Below are some of the recent memorable events:

PA League

As per the Basketball South Africa Competition Commission Guidelines, there will be 2 leagues running in Gauteng – a senior league and a junior league.  The entry criteria into the 2 leagues will be very different.

Senior League

The entry criteria for participation is very simple.  A team will be allowed to enter into the Gauteng League:

  • If it has won the District Association Mandated League or been the runner-up in the previous season
  • It is part of a recognised club structure. Club structures means the following:
    • The club has a valid and up-to-date constitution
    • The club is registered with the District Association and all required teams participate in the District Association Leagues
    • The club has at a minimum
      • A senior Men’s Team
      • A senior Ladies Team
      • A junior program (at u14, u6 or u18 level)

The Gauteng Senior League shall thus comprise of 10 Senior Men’s Teams and 10 Senior Ladies Teams – the winner and runner-up from each District in Gauteng.  The competition shall be played on a Home and Away basis – with the Home Team being responsible for the Venue and the Officials for each Home Game.  As such, each participating team must have access to an Indoor Venue as their Home Venue.

Oversight shall be supplied by the GBA and all games shall be published to the GBA Website using the appropriate LiveStat and publishing software – all to be uploaded by the Home Team.

The winner and runner-up of the Gauteng Senior League gains automatic entry into the National Club Championships.

Junior League

There shall be 5 teams participating in the Gauteng Junior League at each level (u16 and u18 level boys and girls) – 1 from each District.  Teams shall be selected by the Districts based on the criteria as laid down by BSA – specifically as this is in preparation for the Inter-Provincial Tournament to be held annually.

The League shall be run at a central venue and all officials shall be supplied by GBA.  The teams shall be required to participate in the table officiating when not playing – thus presenting a learning opportunity for all team members outside of the playing environment.

This league shall have a winner and a runner up – which will allow the Districts bragging rights but the main purpose of the League will be to allow for the selection of players for the GBA teams to represent Gauteng at the Inter Provincial Tournaments to be hosted by BSA.

District Associations Affiliated to the PA

The municipal demarcation in Gauteng determines the Districts in Gauteng for the purposes of Basketball Activities.

DA Leagues

There are various leagues that run at the district level.  The table below gives an overview of the leagues:

League Name
Duration of League
Teams in League
Tshwane Basketball League
West Rand Basketball League
Johannesburg Basketball League Feb – November Full indoor league for Seniors

Partial indoor for Juniors

Premier Division – 12 Teams

Men’s D1-2 – 24 Teams

Ladies Premier – 8 Teams

Juniors – 9 Clubs

Ekhuruleni Basketball League

PA Achievements Gallery

School Sports Tournament – December 2019

Soncini Games – 2019

School Sport Tournament – 2017

District Associations Affiliated to the PA map

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